This award will continue to SUPPORT WOMEN IN STEM for years beyond our own lives – thus preserving Leah’s legacy of intellectual curiosity and scholarship.

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A named scholarship at RIT requires $50,000. This will provide an award of $2,000 - $3,000 annually to a woman in computing or other STEM major. Our fundraising team includes Leah’s family along with many of Leah’s devoted friends.

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Initial Commitments

We launch this campaign with a combined commitment of $20,000 from Leah’s employer, Brand Networks, and her family. We held a launch event in July 2016 coinciding with Leah’s birthday; this raised almost $5,000. We are 90% of the way to our goal!

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Video Credits: Ben Stechschulte is a photographer and filmmaker. He advised Bob on collecting our video, then donated countless hours to the creative process. Find more of his work at his website.
Chris Kowanko is a gifted singer/songwriter who composed the original music for our video. He has released several cd’s of his creative and evocative music and poetry.

Since 1993

Our Leah

Leah was an extraordinary woman, beloved by family, friends, co-workers. Leah was brilliant, with an intense curiosity and appetite for knowledge.

Leah was open to nearly any subject, but had a particular love for math. She rebelled against the notion that math is dull or boring. She saw beauty and poetry in math, and took inspiration in learning, studying and sharing.

Leah was engaged.  She was devoted to friends and family; attentive, supportive, encouraging. At work she was eager to share her unique skills in data science and software engineering.

Leah was an activist, on campus and in community.  Her desire for positive social change had a global view, but started with her own relentless desire for self-improvement.  She was attuned to those who struggle, and offered support unselfishly.

Leah celebrated life enthusiastically.  She enjoyed music, reading, writing, and art. She delighted in her roles as daughter, sister, friend, dance partner, art lover, therapist, activist, and burgeoning mixologist.

Photo by Josiah Castillo

Next Steps...

Whether you knew and loved Leah, or want to help other bright young women to succeed in STEM, please consider donating to our cause.