What I’d Like to Say to Leah…

It’s been over 6 years since Leah’s light left this world. To honor her birthday in 2021, we gathered some memories and offered up what we’d want to say to her. Here are some of the words that were shared:

Leah, I was recently driving to work when R.E.M. began playing on the radio. I tuned in. The only memory that came to mind, that always come to mind when listening to R.E.M., was Homer Boutte’s memorial service. That particular band was playing on the sunny fields of the Boutte’s summer cottage, on the wake of Homer’s funeral service. You were there. We were young. We talked at a table with fresh cold beverages, our parents were mingling. We tried to accept death that day together. A memory that remains imprinted in my mind is playing volley ball with Homer’s friends and family. It was striking – on my way to work, listening to that band play on the radio, reminded me that Leah and Homer and our departed loved ones are always looking down on us from heaven. For that I am certain. It is times like these that I feel at peace with your passing.Leah, I would like you to know that I miss you dearly. I miss your laugh, your truly unique intelligence, your special bond with my brother Malachy, and your awesome point of view. I know that you have made an effort to visit me in my dreams, and that you watch over us in heaven. I am not sure what aspect of your passing will imprint itself in my memory like R.E.M. did for me with Homer, but I know that you will always be showing/giving me signs that you are still with us.
– Mary F.

I never did pithy and perfect when we talked 😂. You know the important stuff already so we’re going to skip over all that because I still can’t make decisions without you telling me what to do. Let’s talk about my job and how it’s NOTHING like we expected…wait for it…I’m coding. Yes, please take a second to digest that. Now we’ll focus on how there’s not a day that goes by (quite literally) that I don’t need to text you for help. Before it was life in general but now we’ve added math and modeling and you KNOW what a rabbit hole StackOverflow and GitHub can be. We’re going to move on now to Zaatar, the furry maniac that makes me so happy and causes me so much stress at the same time. You would 1000% give me such a hard time about my level of anxiety. Clearly some things never change. All in all, I just need to hug you forever and never let go. I miss you with all my heart and love you the most.
– Alex T.

I will always be your Aunt Joan
– Joan D.-C.

I would like Leah to know I still love and use the giant iMac she called a dinosaur and pretended to sell me (basically she gave it to me). And I would like her to know I have always loved her and her brother Luke, but I think she already knows that.
– Martha A.

Leah I am still enjoying the necklace you made for me your last visit. It sits on my dresser and reminds me of your wonderful smile and enthusiasm in whatever you were doing❤️ We miss you!
– Mary Lou C.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Dear, Sweet Leah, we miss you and love you. 💜💚💙🌈
– Lisa N.

It’s hard to know what I’d say to you now – my life is so drastically different than it was last we spoke, and it’s turned out nowhere near like what we planned! We were going to move out to San Francisco, never have kids, and turn into fancy little old ladies – and now here I am, still in Rochester, with an almost 2-year-old, and far from fancy! I wish you could meet my kiddo, because you’d LOVE his personality. You would be so proud of Tim, for everything he’s done and how he’s grown up over the years.

I think about you every day, and miss you so much. To this day, I catch myself thinking “I need to tell Leah about this!” or “Oooh I should invite Leah to this event”. I’m beginning to forget about all of our crazy adventures, though. I’m trying to write them down when they come back to me. The one thing I can’t forget is the sound of your laugh – I’ll have that memory forever!
– Ely